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(VIDEO) Kanye West at a Poetry Slam

Kanye and Bittersweet Poetry

So, I’m not a big fan of Kanye West, in the sense that I don’t listen to much (or any) of his music except for ‘Gold digger’. In saying that, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with his performance at this Poetry Slam.

It started off with a typical Kanye West style with his haters and him making history etc etc … then he moved into his poem ‘Bittersweet’. He executes this poem with skill and a fair amount of emotion.

This poem is about the pleasure and pain of being in a relationship, which I’m sure we can all relate to..

“And I always thought that you havin my child was our destiny
But I can’t even vibe wit you sexually
Cause every time that I try you will question me
Say “you ****in them girls, disrespecting me?
You don’t see how your lies are affecting me? ”

Check it out!