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Poet From a Tiny Island Nation Shames The World Leaders

Passionate Poem on Climate Change Hits Home

This is an incredible poem that brought a standing ovation from all the world leaders.

Jatnil-Kijiner talks passionately in her poem about the effects of climate change, especially in her own country. Her poem addresses her land, her ‘mother’, and promises that they as a nation will not let her down.

I wouldn’t expect such a presentation at this event, but I was pleasantly surprised that her voice could be heard in such a compelling way. The video below is from 2014, but I believe the message will stay for a longer time yet.

Check it out.


Presidents and diplomats aren’t the only ones calling for climate action at the United Nations. During the opening ceremony of today’s climate summit, ​Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner—a 26-year-old poet from the Marshall Islands—spoke eloquently about the threat that rising seas pose to her country.


Jetnil-Kijiner warned delegates of the high price of inaction and described the current challenge as a “race to save humanity.”



Article Credit: MotherJones.com