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Cafe Trades Poems For Coffee

What is a Cup of Coffee Worth to You?

So this happened on March the 21st in celebration of World Poetry Day.

Now I used to think there was no way you can get a free cup of coffee, or at least one in which you didn’t have to pay money for, but this is an ingenious idea inspiring creativity to obtain one of the worlds most loved beverages.

On World Poetry Day, cafe’s around the world decided to offer a cup of coffee for a personal poem from a customer. What a beautiful and creative way to encourage the written word!

Check it out.

Julius Meinl, a coffee-roasting company founded in 1862, is marking Unesco’s World Poetry Day with a promotion in 1,100 cafes, bars and restaurants across 23 countries mostly in continental Europe but including the UK, the US and Australia, offering a dose of caffeine to any customer who hands over one of their own poems.



Credit: The Guardian