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5 Heartbreaking Sad Poems About Love

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Heartbreak Can Bring Out the Worst Pain

Below are 5 sad poems on loss and heartache. This may bring a tear to your eye if you have ever been through a similar situation, but the lines are beautiful and emotionally touching.

Let us know which one is your favourite!



Don’t Drink and Drive

by Kayla

Near the door
he paused to stand
as he took his classring
off her hand
and all who were watching
did not speak
as a slient tear
ran down his cheek
and through his mind
the memories ran
of the moments
they walked and ran
on the sand hand in hand
but now her eyes were so terribly cold
for he would again
never have her to hold
they watched in silent
as he bent near
and whispered the words
“i love you” in her ear
he stepped back and started to cry
as he put on his ring and wanted to die
just then the wind began to blow
as they lowered her casket
into the snow
this is what happens to men alive
when friends let friends
Drink and Drive!





My Broken Heart

by A. Aloysius Shorter

A broken heart is what I feel
It leads to flowing tears
The sorrow from this loneliness
Gives way to deeper fears
I hurt inside from losing you
I’m often asking why?
How could this end so suddenly?
I feel like I could die
It wasn’t very long ago
That you and I embraced
It feels like only yesterday
And now my soul’s displaced
I’m trying to find a peaceful thought
Where you and I were strong
But in the absence of your love
My happiness has gone
For all the times we’ve laughed, we’ve hugged
And all the times we’ve kissed
For all the times we’ve made sweet love
Your touch is what I’ve missed
I truly hope there comes a day
When love will reunite
I’ll wipe away these lonely tears
I cry throughout the night




You hurt i cry

by nicky joyce

You broke my heart
What am i to say
Didn’t you think
Before you threw us away
Why did you do it
Was i not enough
Did you think the pain wouldn’t hurt me
Didn’t you think you would lose my trust
Why did you hurt me
And then hurt me more
Why do you think its sorted
And brush the probs under the door
Why cant you see
I`ve changed so much
Not that i like it
But i had to get tough
This anger that eats me so
Drives me mad but i cant let it go
I cry and scream
But there not heard
Want to run away
Never be found
But thats not right
Nor would i be mean
I just want to find peace
Not sorrow no more for me
No more pain please
I cant hack it you see
Cause one day
It will end me
I’m not punishing myself
Nor punishing you
But i just cant take it
I`m black and blue.




tell me. .

by faye aNgeLica

so tell me you hate me
and that you don’t care
so tell me you never did
that it was all a dare

so tell me you hate me
that it wasn’t true
so tell me you’re innocent
that you thought I knew

so tell me you hate me
that we never were
so tell me you don’t love me
that you have always loved her

so tell me you hate me
that you want me to hate you
so tell me to leave now
and forget about you too:

so tell me you hate me
that I was never good enough
so tell me to get a life
that I need to stand and be tough

so tell me you hate me
i tell you that too
so tell me you hate me
despite what I say, I still love you:





Without you

by Raymond Borkowski


Without you
The days are nice
The sun shines bright
But there is no light without you

Flowers bloom
Leaves grow on trees
But there is no color without you

Birds sing
Rivers run
But there is no sound without you

People laugh
Children play
But all is sad without you

Time goes on
Day turns to night
But life stands still without you

People meet
Hopes expressed
But there are no feelings without you

Adventures lived
Experience gained
But there is no meaning without you

Work is done
Time’s put in
But there is no value without you

Prayers are said
God is begged
But still I am without you

When all is said
This life I dread
Every day without you



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